one day soon

On looking even closer, one might discern that one of these apparently identical twins was in fact a few years older than the other. Their story needed no explication to Mayar. Narcis, youngest son of the emperor, a strange, wayward homosexual, had in defiance of all the laws of the empire traveled a few years into the future where he had met and fallen in love with himself. He had, moreover, persuaded his future self to return to Node 1 with him. The two now spent their time mooning about the palace together, flaunting their forbidden love for all to see. -Barrington J. Bayley, The Fall of Chronopolis

One might wonder where the waywardness begins for Mr. Bayley.

They looked into each other’s eyes, smiling and sated. “One day soon something strange will happen,” Narcis2 said in a sad, dreamy voice.  “Something very, very melancholy.”

“What is that, dearest?’ Narcis1 murmured.

He will come and steal you from me, like a thief in the night. The third one.”

Briefly there dawned in Narcis1’s eyes the realization of what the other was talking about – the day, barely a year ahead, when by natural aging they would reach the date when he had secretly appeared in his future self’s bedroom and seduced him. It  was a paradox he had never really bothered to work out for himself.

“Yes, I shall have a visitor,” he said wonderingly. He will enchant me and entice me away. Away into the past!”

“Don’t talk like that! I shall be left all alone!” Narcis2 covered his face with his hands. “Oh, I hate him! I hate him!” (ibid)


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