From the back-page “Market Place” section of Fantasy & Science Fiction‘s 33rd Anniversary Issue (October 1982):

CONQUER HARMFUL ANGER 100 WAYS. Find Love, Health, Security! $2 Newlife, Box 684-AS, Boulder City, Nevada 89005.

LEARN TO PLAY the classic guitar in only one lifetime. Frederick Draper Guitarist. Student of Segovia (1964, 1966, 1981). Concerts and Carnegie Recital Hall (1976, 1978, 1981). Studios: Manhattan and Westchester. Call 914-241-0572.

SCIENTIFIC ASTROLOGICAL courses. Write Eternal Enterprises, Box 60913V, Sacramento, CA 95860.

ESP LABORATORY. This new research service group can help you. For FREE information write: Al G. Manning, ESP Laboratory, 7559 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

RUBIK NUTSHELL SOLUTION. Concise 1-page instructions. Treat Your friends. Three copies $1.00. Frank Galvin, 50 Windmill Crescent, Castlecroft, Wolverhampton, England.

RUBIK’S CUBE SOLVED! $2.00 and SASE. Kurosaka, 72 Newell Rd., Auburndale, MA 02166.

Are you just another face in the crowd? Or are you an individual? Never been recognized? We will send you and acknowledgment with the recognition that you deserve. Send $3.00 to SLS Unlimited, PO BOX 1144, East Greenwich, RI 02818.

UNICORN or SPACE SHUTTLE LIFTOFF rubberstamp on hardwood mount $5 postpaid. SASE for catalog. Stamping Ground, 616 S. Governor, Iowa City, Iowa 52240.

THE FUTURE STARTS NOW! The knowledge and tools to enter space are available. We must start today. To participate in this adventure send $10.00 and SASE; Space Finance Fund, Dept. 2000, Cedarville, CA 96104.

SUPER CHESS – Rules For New Game. Send $2.00, SASE to PO Box 3682, Standford, CA 94305.

FREE BROCHURE. Cryonics Association, 24041 Stratford, Oak Park, MI 48237.

JAPANES GIRLS make wonderful wives. Let us introduce you to an unspoiled Oriental beauty. $2 brings photos, descriptions, application. Japan international, Box 156-FSF, Carnelian Bay, CA 95711.

CHRIST RETURNS IN 1986? The grandest science fiction spactular [sic] ever is due in 1986. See how a major eschatological discovery gives conclusive proof that the great Avatar will arrive about March 25, 1986. Go step by step decoding the ancient Biblical riddle showing how a false Messiah is due to be revealed about October 12, 1982. Notice how an extra-terrestrial body strikes the earth in July 1985 causing five months of plagues. For introductory information send $2.00. Send $6.00 for cassette and extended study, or $9.00 for extra studies. Eschatology Foundation, Route 4, Box 968, Department C, Cleburne, Texas 76031.


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