Both were average of height but scrawny of trunk. Manfried possessed disproportionally large ears, while Hegel’s nose dwarfed many a turnip in size and knobbiness. Hegel’s coppery hair and bush eyebrows contrasted with the the matted silver of his brother’s crown, and both were pockmarked and gaunt of cheek. They had each seen only twenty-five years but possessed beards of such noteworthy length that from even a short distance they were often mistaken for old men. Whose was the longest proved a constant bone of contention between the two.

-Jesse Bullington, The Sad Tale of the Brother’s Grossbart


To Neil Gaiman,

the best of writers and the best of friends

-Gene Wolfe, The Sorcerer’s House

My prejudice shall not go–


~ by ironcupshrug on 03/21/2010.

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  1. […] About a year ago I purchased The Sad Tale of the Brother’s Grossbart, quoted it, then left it to languish while I read the less promising of the two books cited at the link […]

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