lost in translation

B. Zubkov and E. Muslin’s “Robot Humor, featured in the anthology Russian Science Fiction 1969, which I own in a library binding, picked up god only knows where, teaches us that electronic intelligence has a different idea of fun:

To Each His Own

“First work, the pleasure,” said the Computer, when it had finished solving a batch of first-degree equations, as it began gleefully to count up the commas in the 6th, 8th, and 15th Editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica.”

Meanwhile, Skynet is lucky the human resistance lives underground in their Dark Future:

The Real Give-Away

“When the oceanographic expedition returned from the Pacific, I knew right away which crew members were the real scientists and which were robots.”


“Only the scientists had a suntan!”

There will continue to be no new ideas:

Nothing New Under the Sun

How did you like the original waltz the musical computer has just composed?”

“I’ve always liked it. In fact, I’ve been crazy about it since way back.”


I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson.


~ by ironcupshrug on 02/28/2010.

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