fiercely literate beardality: lem

The Italians, then, have a young writer of the type we have missed so, one who speaks with a full voice. And I feared the young would be infected by the cryptonihilism of the experts, who declare that all literature has “already been written,” and that now one can only glean scraps from the table of the old masters, scraps called myths or archetypes. These prophets of inventive barrenness (there is nothing new under the sun) preach their line not out of resignation, but as if the prospect of wide empty centuries awaiting Art in vain filled them with a sort of perverse satisfaction. For they hold against today’s world its technological ascent, and hope for evil, much as maiden aunts look forward with malicious glee to the wreck of a marriage foolishly entered into out of love. And so we now have jewelry engravers (for Italo Calvino is descended from Benventuo Cellini, not from Michaelangelo), and the naturalists who who, ashamed of naturalism, pretend to be writing something other than what lies within their means (Alberto Moravia), but we have no men of mettle. They are hard to come by, now that anyone can play the rebel, providing his his physiognomy supplies him with a fierce crop of beard. -A Perfect Vacuum

Emphasis mine.

Speaking of works in this vein, I do so enjoy this little essay on Borges, Melville, etc. Especially Queequeg as text who cannot read himself.

Meanwhile: trends in booktheft, for these trying times.

Further: Patricia Highsmith’s horrible dysfunction makes me love her that much more.


What a mess.


~ by ironcupshrug on 01/05/2010.

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