cormac mccarthy’s compound words 9

(Suttree, Vintage International, p.39)

-tobaccosacks (“the taps each tied with little tobaccosacks hanging from their mouths”)








-messhall (x4)


-dewfall (“when they turned out into the dewfall and grainy mist of the yard”)


-wiremesh (“the prisoners shoved and crowded at the wiremesh door”)

I find I mispronounce certain words I encountered when I was very young, in books that were allegedly, and probably in fact, over my head. I made up a pronunciation on the spot, and stuck with it down through the years as the word recurred in books while failing to ever come up in actual conversation. I guarantee you that an eleven year-old me that read McCarthy would have mined a great deal of confusion from things like “messhall.”


~ by ironcupshrug on 12/29/2009.

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