cormac mccarthy’s compound words 8

As it once was, so shall it ever be.

Suttree, Vintage International edition.

(p. 33)







-springhouse (“she came up from the springhouse lugging a shrunken bucket)




-moonsprung (“among moonsprung vines”)




-shotwounds (“his skin puckered with the shotwounds still red and fresh looking”)



-spraygun (x2)

And, on that anemic note.

(The Harrogate incident reminds me of a fellow I worked with in Alaska–who had previously worked with my uncle and grandparents at a mill, in Idaho– and his story of a friend’s insistence that they ask for directions from a house out further in the sticks than even they lived, at about three in the morning. Their knock brought an old man to the door. The old man had a shotgun, and advised them: “Get on off of my property.” The guy I worked with, he said: he’s serious, let’s go. The friend tried to keep pushing, and wound up with an ass full of rocksalt.)


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