cormac mccarthy’s compound words 7

Seventh verse, same as the firstsix:

(Sutree, Vintage International, p. 29)



-eyecorner (“from out of his eyecorner watching them watch”)



-shackstrewn (“Out there a jumbled shackstrewn waste dimly lit.”)

-Kindlingwood (“Kindlingwood cottages, gardens of rue.”)

-lamplight (x2)









-washwater (x2)





-keeperspring (“the door set shut with a faint cry of the keeperspring”)


-sleepfast (“solitary and starlit through the sleepfast countryside”)




-starblown (“beyond in the darkness against the starblown sky”)







-harpiethroated (“The train had come on and her harpiethroated highball wailed down the lonely summer night.”)


-couplingclacking [The best possible word to use when describing the aural backdrop to a rigorous melonfucking.]



-wineslaked (“going to his knees in the rich and wineslaked loam”)

-sealedbeam (“When the light of the sealedbeam cut over the field he was lying prone upon a watermelon”)



~ by ironcupshrug on 12/15/2009.

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