cormac mccarthy’s compound words 6

Or: you know if I hadn’t started this nonsense I could probably get 100 baht for my copy of Suttree within the hour.

(Vintage International, p.22)






-whiskeybottle [Suttree quite wisely turns down a pull of Early Times]




-gooseshot (“Bubbles the size of gooseshot veered greasily up through the smoky fuel it held.”)



-betterhearted (“they wasnt nobody in McAnally no betterhearted”)














-halfnaked (“a poultrydresser’s window where halfnaked cockerels nod in constant blue dawn”)



-sleepfast (“lonely in the brooding sleepfast town”)



-homecome (“lies drunken homecome soldiers sprawled in painless crucifixion”)








-dreamwinds (“The wind was cold, dreamwinds are so”)








~ by ironcupshrug on 12/05/2009.

2 Responses to “cormac mccarthy’s compound words 6”

  1. i heart compound words. a lot.

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