because i like using my ‘white guilt’ tag

Oh, those people.

On the wall.

As noted in the very first entry on this most exciting of arbitrary blogs, about a week and a half ago I ran into people living in a slightly obscure corner of local tourist landmarks, the semi-rebuilt wall at the northeast corner of the old city. You can climb up to the top at the corner itself, a bit awkwardly, and in the dusty brick square atop it I found a little family: an adult man standing around trying to ignore the white dude that showed up and read the mixed English and Thai Historical Point of Interest sign; two children that sort of swarmed around me, kept asking things I couldn’t understand and then skipping away; an old man that sat on the ground turning over what looked like Yu-gi-oh cards that he’d spread out in a loose square, several feet on a side.

I tried to greet the younger man politely when I approached but he ignored me, and as the children skipped to me and then away I’d glance at him just in time to see him glance away. Blankets spread out on the ground in a corner, a few bowls and other oddments on an outcropping of brick. I had been there before, on a whim, when I walked by after dark, and saw that people where spread around sleeping. But I’ve seen plenty of people sleeping on the sidewalks, and reasoned it was a slightly safer place for homeless persons to bunk down, and it would be empty during the day. Guess not.

I walked out onto the wall some distance. Once I was free of their actual living area they felt free to just stare at me until I left.

Good times for every last girl and boy.


~ by ironcupshrug on 12/03/2009.

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