everyday banality returns

On my way back to the guest house a few nights ago I saw two people at one of the roads over the moat, waiting to cross from the outside to the inside of the road. With these two was a grown elephant, who kept picking at a nearby tree with his trunk. His male attendant hooked his hand over his trunk and pulled it down before he could get any leaves again and again.

We were headed down the same street after they crossed so I followed them for a time. The elephant nonchalantly walking past oncoming traffic, a red flashing light tied to the base of its tale to warn anyone coming from behind in case they’re legally blind enough to miss an elephant in front of them but still go out at night on their motorbikes, I guess (observational joke about the likelihood of this given how most Thais drive goes here). Ahead a dog about halfway through the process of mounting another dog and growling at a third dog who approached tentatively while a tuk tuk driver shouted at all three of them. The dogs were facing away from the elephant. The first dog finally got the third dog to back off and began to sidle forward and seal the deal with the second dog there in the street when the second sensed the elephant behind them, I guess, and took off running with the other awkwardly hopping and then falling off, glancing behind him, seeing the oncoming elephant, running off into the night bellowing.

Soon after, they stopped in front of a bar. The elephant’s handlers chatted with a waitress out on the street while the elephant sidled over to effectively block all but a narrow strip of the road, and I went on my way.


~ by ironcupshrug on 12/01/2009.

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