cormac mccarthy’s compound words 5

On and on, with Suttree.

(Vintage International, p.14)



-seawater (“perhaps his skull held seawater”)



An entire page goes by without incident.


-woodknots (“Behind him in the western wall the candled woodknots shone blood red and incandescent like the eyes of watching fiends.”)


-goodlooking [And it occurs in dialogue. I was pretty excited.]







-highbacked (“the river spooled past highbacked and hissing in the dark at his feet”)




-courthouse [bisected with a hyphen that carries it over to:]





-goldwire (“looked like a storybook blackbird in his suit and goldwire spectacles”)


-toothfillings (“he heard news in his toothfillings”)






~ by ironcupshrug on 12/01/2009.

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