everyday banality 2

I somehow grew tired of lying in my room for days on end with a restless stomach that shuttled anything I put into it out within an hour and gathered myself to hit the street. It’s Sunday, and I’m very close to Sunday Market, so I was forced to take the long way round to the pharmacy I thought might actually be able to help me, hitting smaller places along the way where I was greeted with a uniform “que?”

Only, you know, in Thai.

Found what I was after at last, swung through the leg of the market opposite Thaepae Gate to look for a thing or two. A quick hit of the square obscured by the gate to see what all the commotion was about.

The King is 82 on December 5th and a big deal must be made. Some stage performance, a series of flowers encase in five-foot tall blocks of ice that were in turn being hacked at with saw by people wearing orange. Pavilions featuring displays of traditional clothing. A stage that seemed devoted entirely to holding up a 50-foot image of the king, at it’s corner a little booth for some animation studio. At one end of this booth people in black company polo shirts sat bored, playing Tekken on a flatscreen.

Try to choke something down while I’m out at this place I visit regularly. Watch two other young American men hit aggressively, and lewdly, on an employee. The subject of their attention looks about thirteen and the top of her head is shy of my chest when we’re both standing (I am not particularly tall). The men seem drunk. The place is full, and as they grow more and more loud the other patrons eat more quickly and make a point of not looking at them. When they leave, one shouts something about being around for a while, and what a good time they can have, and etc. The girl seems unphased. Their assault was entirely verbal; it’s possible she didn’t understand most of what they said.


~ by ironcupshrug on 11/29/2009.

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