re: that christian side hug video that’s now everyplace

When it crops up, there’s usually someone to insist “come on guys this has to be a parody.”

But I was a good church-going young man until roughly the age of fifteen. I went to Christian Youth Events. I experienced the trend toward mindlessly hijacking whatever was popular with the kids these days and forcing it into a more Jesusy vein.

And I remember when two of my Youth Leaders were married, the way the pastor announced that their kiss before the altar was their first ever. Kids, they said, this is what you should aspire to.

Some time later, I heard of another of the Youth Leaders getting married to a woman he had never hugged, never held the hand of. This, really, was the ideal pre-marriage relationship.

So I watch that thing and go LOL XTIANS like most people, but neither the message nor the way it’s presented surprise me. They just bring back awkward memories of my youth.

Could it be that I really lost my faith because it was steeped in a culture that seemed to demand that I cultivate bad taste?


~ by ironcupshrug on 11/27/2009.

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