everyday beardality

Everywhere, tailors. The other day I’m passing near one and the man in the door begins to call out to me. I am used to this, I keep walking. He steps out of his door and becomes more insistent. I wonder at the extremity of his enthusiasm and the fact that he’s tugging at an invisible beard so I stop. I say: Yes?

He says, I make suit for man with beard like that.

I say that’s nice.

Pasted all around the edged of his storefront windows, facing out, are printouts of low-res pictures of people in suits and dresses. He motions me over and points to someone just over the door with a bushy black beard. It isn’t much like my beard at all. He says: Scottish. You Scottish?

I say I’m afraid not.

He says he will make my beard look good with a suit.

I tell him I’m not in the market. As I leave, he’s yelling about all the people with beards he’s made suits for, how every one was very happy.


~ by ironcupshrug on 11/24/2009.

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